After 8 years of TT, I only had to pay 15 Bells for the log bench, the rest aaaaall came from the villagers.


me going to get my haircut
Stylist: So what do you want to do with your hair?
Me: Formal!
Stylist: Ok...can you give me more of a direction of what you want--
Me: I'm a trouble maker!
Stylist: Ok great we all like to rock the boat but your hair--
Me: Mysterious!


After a bath and some coffee in Picon I ran into a villager I have been wanting in my town for a while! :*)

Dream address: 4700-2109-2851

oh noooo

oh noooo

are you going to take part in ac prom this friday? :-)

promcrossing is happening again?! 8-O

do you wifi with people often?

i used to very often but back in fall we switched our wifi and now my ds gives out whenever i try to play with others! i still dont know why but im hoping i can fix it eventually 


i can only wifi for like around 10 minutes if im very lucky

everyday's bunny day when you have gaston


im really sorry if any of you are waiting for bunny day pics, the truth is that i was too busy to play on easter!! :^( i dont really plan on travelling back either. im very sorry!

Hi breezy!! I hope you're doing well and that you have a swell week! :-)

thank you so much!!! image

How do you take screen shots of your game on the game cube? :0 or is it on an emulator?

my recent posts are on an emulator!

funny story though, for easter i got a new memory card for my gamecube so i started a new legit town too! how funny!

i got this 3ds pouch of club nintendo since my coins were gonna expire! very nice!!

i got this 3ds pouch of club nintendo since my coins were gonna expire! very nice!!


"I heard _____ is thinking of moving out soon!"